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Need carbs? Here's where to fuel up for the Marathon
Boston Globe
Adam Hayes for the Boston Globe. From pasta-topped pizza to crispy pig's ears, the days leading up to Marathon Monday bring a medley of dining delights. Here's where to carbo-load and get an authentic taste of the city.

Sedentary lifestyle in Mumbai leading to increased cases of liver disease
Daily News & Analysis
Alcohol is no more the only cause of end-stage liver disease in the city. Doctors say sedentary lifestyle has led to an increasing numbers of Mumbaikars getting the fatty liver problem leading to liver cirrohosis (advance liver disease). For a long ...

Is your lifestyle getting in the way of weight loss, fitness goals?
You hear a lot of advice about lifestyle change for weight management these days, but what does it mean? Everyone has a lifestyle of their own. It's made up of patterns. Just think about the kinds of patterns you have in your life and how they affect ...

10 Ways to Avoid Lifestyle Inflation
What is the first thing you do when you find out you're going to get a raise at work? If your answer is to spend it on things that you have had your eye on, you probably someone who participates in lifestyle inflation. Lifestyle inflation is the ...

PlayStation LifeStyle

Trials Fusion Review (PS4)
PlayStation LifeStyle
Get used to that word, because you'll be saying it (and other pleasantries) over and over again. This new entry in the Trials series ups the ante and raises your blood pressure, taking you from desert, to forest, to snow-covered mountain tops and ...

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Summerlin's events enhance community lifestyle
Las Vegas Review-Journal
Courtesy Photo The Summerlin Egg Hunt is one of many annual resident-only events planned by the Summerlin Council. Year-round the council offers family-friendly events, programs and classes as a benefit to living in the master-planned community.

Jamaica Observer
It's the big Easter weekend and we've had chocolate on the mind for some time now (blame it on an overactive dopamine release). We're about to up the ante with a full sensory explosion, thanks to our friends at Adam & Eve Spa & Salon, who've added ...

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New bathroom should suit your lifestyle preferences
Hamilton Spectator
A: Your home's design should be based on elements that match and enhance your lifestyle. To renovate your bathroom, make it truly yours. Don't take baths? Forget the tub. Take the time to research all the styles and options available for a shower that ...

Colten Moore continues his daredevil lifestyle despite the pain of losing his ...
The Inverell Times
Winter X Games snowmobile champion and Nitro Circus Live daredevil Colten Moore was obviously born with a steely nerve and unbreakable mettle but his greatest strength – attained in the most tragic of circumstances – is he never rides alone. Moore ...

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PJ Media

How NOT To Go Insane By Degrees
PJ Media
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